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Once the applicant completes video validation, ID will approve DSC applications within 15 minutes on working days
If applicant required no download assistance, empty USB eToken will be shipped to applicant address
If an applicant has own eToken, DSC can be downloaded immediately upon DSC approval
Use courier tracking coupon number to track status eToken delivery by Courier
For further assistance, write to

24-hour Active Support

Step 1: Applicant will receive an automatic email to complete the next steps
Step 2: Open Link and Fill in details of applicant's PAN Number
Step 3: Complete Mobile Number verification and video recording using smartphone, laptop, or camera attached to desktop
Step 4: No documents are needed for Individuals. For Companies & Class-3 DSC, Upload documents - Proof of ID / Proof of Address

High Quality Tokens

ePass2003 is the world's foremost cryptographic identity verification module.
ePass provides a host of indispensable protective measures for digital communication and transaction.

As a two-factor authentication solution, ePass2003 can secure local and remote desktop and network log-on.

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``I am really impressed by the services provided to me for the DSC by DSC SEVA. I received by DSC SEVA and have applied one for my wife now. I will recommend others.``

Mr. Akshay Jadeja

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have applied online services with great and quick reply from sites. I reckon for NRI to apply with no worries..thanks

Rachel Davis

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