Digital Signature Enterprise

Our enterprise team works with system integrators, application developers and solution providers to help them integrate various components in their application.

The enterprise requires deeper integration within their applications. As far as our experience each installation has its own unique experience because every organization has its own process and workflow management. Our services and tools offer complete flexibility to help the developers integrate our tools at any level and in any way.

PKI Components

We have components which will enable your website/portal to be PKI compatible. These components further will recognize and validate Digital Signature Certificates from the browser itself. The components can be configured to work with all the aspects of DSC including signing and encryption at the client end.

PKI Authentication API

We have authentication API thus helping companies to authenticate user credentials on DSC before allowing the users to proceed on a various secure area on the website.

Signing & Encryption Components

We have various tools which can be used to enable your desktop/server for signing and encryption within your application. This can be accessed through API for easier integration.

API for DSC Enrolment

If you are engaged in the business of DSC, then our API will help you enroll an applicant from your CRM itself. Our comprehensive API allows you to control various aspects of DSC enrolment.


Our design solution equips you with electronic signatures that can be used for a vast variety of documents online. It provides AUA/ KUA solutions also. eSign.Digital provides Aadhar based authentication services as per UIDAI.


Our mandate solution makes banking digital and easy. EMI payments, the salary of employees, rent, etc is automatically deducted from the account, on behalf of the user without any physical application.

Please look at our Solutions and Consulting pages for more information on other services. We know time is of the essence in today’s world, so why not call our Connect Manager at +91- 9404373776 and they will ensure that you are connected to right business manager in our organization and who will help your company on-board to one of our programs. You can also write to us at and we would be more than happy to get in touch with you as soon as possible (Our offices are open from 09:30 to 18:00 on Monday through Saturday) and of course !! you can always use our web form to get in touch with our company.