eSign is an electronic signing service which is used for signing documents digitally from anywhere at any time. It is introduced by the Government of India to make signing easy and digitalized for the average Aadhaar Card user. It is an easier and convenient process of verifying and attesting documents electronically. Apart from signing services eSign.Digital provides authentication facility as well; it is a licensed AUA/KUA of UIDAI.

It can be used by businesses, enterprises and end users. It eases out the signing process and the life of people. It is a convenient, secure and cost-efficient method of signing documents. It is legally recognized and is suitable for all types of users. The most important aspect of e-Signing is that it only submits the hash for signing than the whole document. eSign maintains the privacy of the signer. How eSign helps the end-user?

All of a sudden, on a busy day there needs to be a renewal of an insurance policy, payment of electricity bill or signing of invoice but the user is out maybe on a client meeting or on a picnic. Now? eSign.Digital lets the user sign documents from anywhere at any time via his mobile phone. This lets the end-user be digitalized and safe. eSign is a simple solution to our hectic present-day lives.

Royal Rico Services provides an eSigning solution for enterprises, developers, end-users and businesses. It is an easy and document free method of signing. Using the signer’s Aadhar id, the identity of the signer is verified and his integrity and authenticity are established. eSign.Digital is a highly accessible tool as it can be used through multiple devices from anywhere.